Finished projects

Application of vehicle digitization

Vehicle digitization application sample
  • Vehicle Digitalisation Portal
  • Implementation of the front-end part in Angular technology
  • It includes: Quality architecture, Authorization, authentication, implementation according to template, connection to google maps API and use of highcharts charts.

Sample portal for online therapies
  • A platform for connecting therapists and clients
  • Implementation of a complete portal in PHP / Laravel and Vue technologies.js (presentation part), React (Videoconferencing tool)
  • It includes: Quality architecture, authorization, authentication, connection to the Barion payment gateway, therapist listing, therapist settings, administration, analytical functions, invoice generation, newsletters, translations, custom implementation of a videoconferencing tool based on third-party libraries, server management and more.

Example of donation portal
  • Donation portal for the support of children with autism
  • Implementation of a complete donation portal in PHP technologies
  • Includes: Design of appearance, template, text, donation counter, connection to the Barion payment gateway, issuance of PDF donation documents and more.

  • Overview of cryptocurrencies
  • Realization of complete application in PHP, Vue.js
  • It includes: Quality architecture, connection to selected API providers of cryptocurrency information, data caching, server rendering, SEO optimization, localization / translations and more.

Other projects

Of course, I have implemented many other projects.

Unfortunately, I was not approved to publicly present these projects.

Contact me, and I will be happy to show you a number of projects I have worked on.

From projects for

  • digitalisation of herds;
  • online law firm application,
  • Client Center
  • a others..

I will look forward to it, Martin Rašovský